Here at SHOW Bats, we pride ourselves on providing every customer with a customized bat, cut from the best quality wood. The SHOW team works closely with players and coaches to deliver a superior performance bat to meet individual needs. We call this “The Perfect Feel” promise.



Bats for younger players 9 to 12 years old.


Bats designed to enhance performance.


Bats for coaches and all team orders.

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Here at SHOW Bats, we have a commitment and passion to deliver the perfect bat for you. Whether you need help choosing which bat is right for you, have a special request, or if you have some questions and would like a human to speak to, we are here because of you. Click the button below to start a conversation.

“I remember the first time I used a SHOW Bat was in batting practice. The sound that came off my bat was so much louder than any other wood I had used in the past. I understand that the superstars get the best wood that each company makes and the wood goes down in quality all the way until it gets to the general public. Finally, a bat company that offers players at every stage of baseball the same quality of wood used by Major Leaguers.”

– Andy L.

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