SHOW Bats was founded in 2017 by Scooter Gennett, a Pro Baseball Player, due to a personal quest to offer the highest quality of wood bats for all players.

Scooter discovered early on in his career that it appeared not all players were receiving the same quality of bats when compared to his teammates–despite being from the same company. He wondered why this would ever be the case and started to pay close attention to the detail of his bats versus other players who were swinging the same brand. Scooter would inspect the grains of the wood and quickly learned there was a vast difference in the ones he was receiving versus other players.

Believing wholeheartedly that it should not matter if you are an amateur player or an MLB player the quality of the bat should be the same. Therefore he took the necessary steps to start his own bat company. Scooter wanted to offer wood bats with the finest maple, ash, and birch wood available to every player of all levels. Scooter and his father are personally involved in SHOW Bats to ensure all bats being shipped to players are of the same quality being swung in the big leagues today!


SHOW Bats establishes a personal partnership with each player to provide the perfect custom bat made of the highest quality wood. We will identify each player’s needs in order to obtain the “The Perfect Feel” for their bat.

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